If you don’t know who Joan Benoit Samuelson is, please hand over your endurance athlete card now. Beloved Joanie is a f*cking badass. Her list of achievements is incredible, and is truly one of the ‘Founding Women’ in endurance sports and American distance running. Watch the video above to get a bit of a history lesson from Joanie herself; then read this article for some extra credit.

Now, Joanie just crossed off another major accolade in her storied running career; the coveted World Majors 6-Star Medal. This is a special medal awarded to any athlete that has completed all 6 World Major events (Chicago Marathon, Tokyo Marathon, Boston Marathon, New York City Marathon, Berlin Marathon, and the London Marathon).

In this week’s email:

  • Fast As Hell: Xavier Worthy goes 4.21 seconds in the 40-Yard Dash. Holy Sh*t.

  • Another Lulu Dupe: We don’t have the cash to drop $100 on 10 oz. of running shorts. Buy these - they’re tried and true from Yours Truly.

  • Vintage Kicks: Brooks Running has been around for a while; now that vintage is back, check out these ACTUALLY vintage running shoes. S’cute.

👇Listen to a Cadence-recommended Playlist: Tony Stark’s Workshop movie scenes are all a VIBE. We tried cycling to this playlist - 10/10 highly suggest.

Insta Post of the Week: The pop singer, Mike Posner, has a long list of hits; but he’s also got some hits outside of the studio, too. He’s walked coast to coast of the United States, and summited Mount Everest. He’s your reminder that it’s never too late to cut the BS and chase the best, healthiest version of yourself.

Race Results of the Week


Climber takes on 70.3: Sasha DiGiulian, World Champion rock climber, took to the Latin American streets in Panama to complete a 70.3. She might have (literally) conquered mountains, but triathlon is a new sport to her; and her first tri was also her first 70.3. AMAZING.

Gatorade reimagines…water? Gatorade had a HUGE launch party last week to unveil their latest groundbreaking project; Gatorade Water. Yes; you read us right. No flavor, no bubbles, just…water. We’d say try some, but it’s actually sold out on their site.

Women Tri is BACK: If you’ve been in the triathlon scene for a few decades; you were probably around for the women’s only tris that seemed to be a dime a dozen. Then, as we progressed through the 2000s and 2010s, women’s only events have dwindled down to nearly nothing. Now, they’re slowly making a comeback and honestly - we’re here for it. It’s more than just making a pink logo and giving away pink shirts. Read how these event companies are making a difference in women’s sport.

Peloton - Ultrarunning Crossover: Susie Chan is one of the most popular Peloton instructors on their platform. While she knocks it out of the park in the studio; she admits that she’s an ‘average’ runner on the streets and trails. Take this as you may; but it shows us not all cardio is transferrable. Just because someone is in tip-top shape on a bike does NOT mean that transfers to being a knockout runner on the track. Keep grinding.

🏃Jobs in Endurance Sports

If you’re like us; your dream job is one in endurance sports. We eat, breathe and sleep endurance sports; professionally and “for fun.” If you want to chase your dream job in the endurance industry, check out the new postings below. There’s some good finds!

Daniela Ryf announced her SURPRISE retirement last week. This woman has gone ‘The Distance’ more than we can count; she’s left her mark on the endurance world, and will surely be missed. Will she come back as a celeb commentator in future IM events?

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