week 12: XC History & Blowhole the Dog

“Please do yourself a favor and read this article by Marc Bloom on what running was like in the 1970s. Shalane Flanagan's mom was thrilled to pay her own way to world xc and get docked pay from her job, Matt Centrowitz needed stitched after getting hit with a beer can while in HS, and Richard Kimball beat everyone in the world after running up to 69 miles in a single day.” - LetsRun.com

Cross country is the gateway drug to running; you start in middle school, then you join track, and work your way up the ranks to varsity - and if you’re in the 1% of scholastic athletes, you move on to collegiate running and MAYBE, just MAYBE, you finish your career as a professional runner. Here at Cadence, we’re all kind of endurance nerds; so it’s always cool to read a bit about ‘running history.’

In this week’s email:

  • Carb Decor: We won’t lie; we’ve got a “body by carbs” mentality. Now you can bring that mentality into your decor…with a pasta rug?

  • Diplo’s Run Club: If you loooove EDM, then you know who Diplo is. Did you know he’s also an avid runner though…now he’s got a run club. DOPE.

  • Matt Centrowitz Victory Lap: Long-time professional runner, former Oregon Duck, is calling 2024 his last year on the track.

👇Listen to a Cadence-recommended Pod: Diet culture is ridiculous, and can be incredibly damaging to anyone that chooses to partake; but especially so to endurance athletes that rely on the fuel they put into their body to pursue their adventures, safely. Personally, we love pretty much every pod that Wondery puts out; but Fed Up covers a topic that y’all should care about; exposing toxic diet culture.

Full Body Chills Moment: ‘See My Name’ campaign in PWHL. We’re here for it.

Race Results of the Week


IRONMAN Break Up? Over the past few years (excluding 2020 for obvious reasons) there has been a steady decline of IRONMAN and 70.3 participants. In addition to declining participation, there’s also a declining number of events; IM has been nixing 140.6 events pretty regularly. So…has triathlon broken up with the 140.6 and 70.3 distances?

12-Year Young Marathoner: This middle schooler is weighing her options of what she wants to be when grows up; but becoming an Olympian might be on the docket before she ‘grows up.’ Breaking 3 hours is no easy feat - but Evan Kim ran 2:58 in the Ventura Marathon and is only 4 minutes off the Fastest Known Time for a 12-year old in the 26.2 mile distance.

Master Class in Leadership: It’s no secret that in team sports, leadership is pivotal to a team’s success. But why is strong leadership necessary in endurance sports, and how you can apply those same techniques to your work and home life.

The Legend of Blowhole: Horses are top of the list for having the strangest (most regal?) of names. Sled dogs are a close second. Blowhole, an Alaskan sled dog, recently went viral for chewing through the brake lines on his musher’s truck; causing $1200 in damage. What do you think; innocent face or with a name like Blowhole…you shouldn’t expect anything less than chaos?

Apple is Your Friend: Apple Airtags are used for a plethora of reasons; stalking your cheating spouse, finding your lost suitcase in the ATL airport…and finding your bike? Conceal an Apple Airtag beneath your seat, under your handlebar wraps or on your seat post.

🏃Cadence Recs

Big training week behind ya and want to add something to your bucket list? Looking for a new job opportunity in the endurance space to really eat, live, breathe endurance sports?


  • Dragon’s Back Race: A 6-day trek across the UK’s most rugged territory isn’t for everyone. Covering 196 miles across undulating mountainous terrain is HARD. Can you make it to the finish line?

  • Whiteside Mountain Trail: This 1.9 mile hike in North Carolina is one that packs a big punch per mile. Following a ridge that’s part of the Eastern Continental Divide, it’s a quick hike with beautiful views - especially during the blooming season, and autumn.


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Performance Of The Week(end): Camille Herron Sets 6-Day World Record by Running 560.33 Miles

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