Week 15: Military DQs & the Iron Belle

We’re suckers for a good endurance sports documentary - and while there’s (probably) never going to be a 30 for 30 on IM - that’s what Outside is for, ya? This documentary is special not because it covers the IRONMAN World Championships, but because it covers the WCs from the same year, in 2 different locations: Nice, France on the men’s side and Kona, Hawaii on the women’s side. Note: if you aren’t in the know, the men and women’s world championship locations will flip flop between Nice and Kona; allowing for both genders to have their moment in the lime light.

In this week’s email:

  • Homemade Training Treats: If you thought nothing could beat a homemade Rice Krispie treat - you thought wrong. Sub Ruffles Potato Chips for the Rice Krispies - you have the best salty/sweet combo for your next ride.

  • Military DQs: IM 70.3 Oceanside has a 35 MPH speed limit on the bike course that passes through Camp Pendleton. A pro had to pay $50 to get her DQ reversed by proving she wasn’t ACTUALLY speeding. Wild.

  • Free Road ID: Purchase a Wahoo bike computer, and get a free Road iD. If you don’t already have a Road iD - you need one, bottom line.

  • Edible Cookie Dough: If you’re like us and eat the Tollhouse Cookie Dough right out of the tub; do yourself a favor and make a batch of this edible, healthy cookie dough. No oils, dyes or other inflammatory ingredients.

👇Listen to a Cadence-recommended Pod: Trek Travel is the perfect way to experience biking aboard, without having to tackle the planning and logistics of a self-supported trip. Listen to their newest offering below!

Facebook Post of the Week:

We swear: this is NOT clickbait. It’s an actual race. This is an actual participant. Take that how you may.

Race Results of the Week


Flat & Fast: Scoring a BQ (Boston Qualifier) or PR (Personal Record) in the marathon is sometimes…a strategic feat. Give yourself the best odds by running one of these flat & fast marathons.

Big Sur(ge): Big Sur Marathon has some of (if not the most) epic views on a marathon course. Highway 1 is beautiful and makes the brutal 26.2 journey easier on the eyes than the legs. Last week; a HUGE chunk of Highway 1 (and subsequently, the race course) cleaved off into the ocean. At this point, the race is going on as planned - let’s hope no more landslides.

Hardest Geezer: 1 year, 16 countries and 10,000 miles later, Russ Cook (widely known as the Hardest Geezer) has completed a wild run: running the entire length of Africa. Armed robberies, police escorts, injury and illness all make for a bit of documentary-esque story.

Boston Swag: Patriot’s Day is comin’ up…which means the Boston Marathon is right around the corner! If you’re lucky enough to have an entry for this year, or you’re just a Boston Fan Girl like us, here’s your chance to grab some really cool merch (or a race kit) from Rabbit.

🏃Bucket List Recs

Big training week behind ya and want to add something to your bucket list? Need something to kick your butt into high gear? Check out our endurance bucket list recs below and sign up for something you’ll probably regret when you’re doing a 20 mile training run in August in the Midwest.

  • The Iron Belle Trail: A 2000 mile trail in Michigan spans from Ironwood in the western Upper Peninsula to Belle Isle in Detroit (Southeast Michigan). It’s about 73% completed and features different routes for cyclists and hikers - both super cool and take you through some absolutely stunning parts of the Mitten State.

  • Spartathlon: No, this isn’t Joe DeSena’s Spartan Races; this the legit Spartathlon that happens in Athens, Greece - and tests your willpower, grit and determination by challenging you to Spartan feats. Can you stack up?

  • HURT100: We can guarantee your quads are going to HURT after this ultra trail run in Honolulu, Hawaii - but HURT is actually an acronym for Hawaii Ultra Running Team. Test your ultrarunning abilities on this rainforest-y course while the rest of your ‘support crew’ enjoys the tropical beaches below.

Performance Of The Week(end): Lionel Sanders at 70.3 Oceanside FTW

Lionel Sanders proves he’s truly 36 years YOUNG - and still kicking ass in triathlon.

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