Week 17: Breaking 2 & The Endurance Diets

The Breaking 2 documentary is not your typical Nat Geo nature doc; it follows the quest to break 2 hours in the marathon. A feat that has been within view, but impossible to break.

Breaking 2 summary: “After six months of scientifically advanced training, three of the world's most elite distance runners set out to break the two-hour marathon barrier. These pioneers go on a global trek to defy the unthinkable and break the two-hour feat, from testing in wind tunnels and running labs in the United States, to balancing training with their day-to-day lives in eastern Africa, to the final heart-pounding race in Italy.” -IMBD

In this week’s email:

  • Custom Sherpa Shirts: Stop with the Sharpie on a white shirt for those that support you as a Tri Sherpa or pace crew during your next race. Give your family & friends a shirt that is equally as cool as your tri kit (and customized!).

  • Supertri Boston: Another pro tri hits the circuit…in contingent with Boston Tri, comes Supertri Boston for pros!

  • Hoka Skyward X: This super-max comfort training shoe by Hoka gets reviewed.

  • On Running Cloudmaster 2: Another super-max comfort training shoe; once you go max cushion, you can never go back to a low-stack.

👇Watch a Cadence-recommended Vid: You’ve heard of the Mediterranean Diet, the Whole30 and OF COURSE - the Keto Diet. Now: you can learn about The Endurance Diet. This is the diet that fuels professional endurance athletes from all corners of the globe, to podium finishes.

Reddit Post of the Week:

What do you do with your old race bibs/bike plates?

Race Results of the Week


Active Travel is IN: Adventure travel has been a thing for a while; but ACTIVE travel is for endurance junkies that just can’t seem to get away from their sport of choice, even on vacation. These vacation destinations specifically cater to endurance athletes looking to make the most of their trip; on and off the trail.

3D Printing in Endurance: If you’re one of the few lucky athletes in sport that get paid to race; custom helmets are not new news. However, for the mass of age groupers, it’s now an achievable goal with the help of 3D printing. These 3D printed helmets are custom fit & printed for best-in-class impact protection and fit for both comfort and safety.

Lessons From Augusta: Triathlon is not the only sport that has a very divisive relationship amongst the respective brands that reign. Golfing has been divisive for a while; and now, the big companies in the industry are striving to mend the fences, and create a more inclusive, exciting and competitive sport to both partake and watch. Tri (and specifically - IM and PTO) stands to learn a lot about these initiatives to play nice with each other, for the good of the whole.

🏃Bucket List Recs

Big training week behind ya and want to add something to your bucket list? Need something to kick your butt into high gear? Check out our endurance bucket list recs below and sign up for something you’ll probably regret when you’re doing a 20 mile training run in August in the Midwest.

  • GoPro Mountain Games: Every June, Vail, Colorado becomes more of a mecca to outdoor and adventure sports than any city in America. It’s essentially a festival for endurance and adventure junkies; with something for everyone (including your four-legged kids), it’s the perfect endurance vacation destination.

  • The North Fork Championships: Located on the North Fork of the Payette River, the extreme racing championship is held each year on the third weekend of June. The North Fork’s accessible roadside location makes it incredibly spectator friendly.

  • The Spirit 100: Just you, a bike, and 10 hours to make a roundtrip to the Mexico border and back to Patagonia, AZ. Groovy vibes, fun times.

Performance Of The Week(end): Peres Jepchirchir, new Womens-Only World Record set at London Marathon: 2:16:16

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