Week 18

Avalanches are kind of like train wrecks; you just can’t look away. Wilderness survival stories are both fascinating, and serve as great teachable moments for those of us that choose to partake in dangerous outdoor activities. Read this story on how Trevor Carlson survived an avalanche in the Colorado Backcountry; and what he did to self-rescue and live to see another adventure.

In this week’s email:

  • RAGBRAI: We’ve featured this Iowa cycling tour before; now, the 2024 towns have been published, along with the 424-mile course (billed as the hilliest EVER).

  • Sun-Friendly Runner Cap: This summer; protect your face, neck and head from harmful UV rays. Yah, it’s not the cutest hat, but skin cancer sucks, so pick your poison.

  • IM TX Recap: IM TX was one for the books; probably most notable was the first Mexican Professional Triathlete winning an IM and qualifying for World Championships - AMAZING.

  • Healthy Dinner: If you’re lucky enough to live near a Sweetgreen - you’re probably the Harvest Bowl’s Biggest Fan (we are). They’re overpriced & super easy to make at home - here’s a recipe.

👇Watch a Cadence-recommended Vid: Gravel racing has 2 groups of racers; those who go ‘all out’ and treat it as an intense competition, and those who are there to get the best ROI for their race entry fee (read: slow, steady, and stopping for all the snackies). Watch this vid to get prepped (or hype) for your next gravel race!

Post of the Week:


Race Results of the Week


Gatorade Endurance Falls(?): At IM and 70.3 North American Triathlon Series events, you won’t see the orange twist top of a Lemon-Lime Gatorade ANYWHERE on course; instead, it’s a new kid on the block ‘Mortal Hydration.’ That’s a BIG upset in an industry where Gatorade has reigned superior.

Sun Kills: In the last 3 decades, more people have died from skin cancer than any other cancer - combined. When you’re putting in long training hours outside this summer, we BEG you - please protect your skin and put on adequate sunscreen. Read here for the best sunscreens for athletes.

Cycling Safety: Riding on the road; whether gravel or true road cycling, comes with it’s inherent risks from auto traffic. Trek is now rolling out a safety gadget that detects rear car traffic, and emits a light that can be seen from 2KM away. At $199, it’s a small price to pay to ensure your safety.

Performance Of The Week(end): 86-Year-Old Bob Williamson Sprints to a 17-Second 100 Meters at the Penn Relays

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