Week 19

Jim Walmsley doesn’t do sh*t halfway. Walmsley is an Air Force Academy graduate, military veteran (serving in a nuclear missile silo in Montana), was named UltraRunner Runner of the Year in 2023 - and is the FIRST American Man to win UTMB. This documentary, presented by wahoo and Walmsley’s sponsor; HOKA, follows his unique odyssey of becoming perhaps the most decorated ultramarathoner in American history.

In this week’s email:

  • Superfood Sweets: Quinoa in chocolate wasn’t on our bingo card…but we’re converted. It’s delish. Try this recipe for a healthy (sweet) summer snack.

  • Kenyan Team Announced: The Olympic Marathon team has been announced; and it’s a stacked field.

  • Midwest Dip: If you’re from the Midwest, it’s almost a prerequisite to put ranch on literally everything. This homemade ranch recipe you can actually feel good about eating by the spoonful - it’s super high protein and has no gross seed or soybean oils.

  • Hydration..Shirt? A new Kickstarter campaign is about to launch a runner-targeted hydration product: a hydration pack built into a tech tshirt. Can’t say if we love or hate it.

👇Listen to a Cadence-recommended Playlist: Spring running is here; help get yourself out the door with a new running (or cycling) playlist that has upbeat songs…and a few crowd-pleasing throwbacks. You’ll love it.

TikTok of the Week: Pole Vaulting a Canal

a bridge or boat ❌ a 46-foot pole ✅ #redbull #givesyouwiiings #fiersteljepper #polevault #extremesports

Race Results of the Week


Mizuno Turns a Corner: Mizuno is a well-known shoe brand in other parts of the world, but in the United States, only 5% of runners choose Mizuno as their shoe of choice. Now - on May 14th, you can pre-order their latest creation, the Mizuno Neo Vista. Can’t lie - we LOVE the minimalist sock-like uppers. Pre-order here.

USATF Has a Change of Heart: Previously, USATF stated they would not send a U20 team to the World Championship in Lima, Peru due to travel advisories against the country. They’ve changed their minds now; citing safer travel conditions and heightened security.

The Fourth Dimension: There’s 3 metrics that are routinely measured and monitored in elite athletes and scientific endurance studies; VO2 max, running economy, and lactate threshold. In theory, these are the 3 metrics that matter and could predict an accurate marathon time. But - scientists haven’t been able to reliably provide time predictions that are accurate. Enter: The Fourth Dimension, or the fourth metric that is nearly unmeasurable; fatigue resistance.

You” Time: Unless you’re an elite athlete, vacations make it REALLY hard to stay on top of a training plan. You’re enticed by laying on the beach, sleeping in, and unlimited Mai Tais at your all-inclusive resort. If you can re-frame your mindset and remind yourself you GET to run; training on vacation is actually enjoyable and can refresh your training block.

Rim to Rim to Rim: 45 miles of trail running and 11,000 ft in elevation gain in the Grand Canyon is almost a rite of passage for ultrarunners; until you’ve done the gran’ daddy; you’ll always wonder what it takes to get it done & dusted.

🏃Bucket List Recs

Big training week behind ya and want to add something to your bucket list? Need something to kick your butt into high gear? Check out our endurance bucket list recs below and sign up for something you’ll probably regret when you’re doing a 20 mile training run in August in the Midwest.

  • Beach 2 Beacon: This race in little Cape Elizabeth, Maine attracts - strangely - elite athletes from around the world to compete in early August on the 10K road course.

  • Belle Isle Loop: How many of you can say you’ve run around an ENTIRE island? Belle Isle is a tiny island in the Detroit River between Detroit, Michigan and Windsor, Canada - it’s a Michigan State Park, and has great facilities for making an afternoon out of this 6 mile loop.

  • Rose Bowl Half Marathon: If you’re a college football fan; this one’s for you. The Rose Bowl Half Marathon has a beautiful course through Pasadena, CA and ends on the infield of the Rose Bowl Stadium.

  • Rim to Rim to Rim: Yes - we mentioned it above, but we’re listing it here again with a guide of how to successfully complete this incredibly niche endurance feat.

Performance Of The Week(end): Nico Young with 3:34

Side Note: Nico Young has joined an incredibly small club by running sub 3:35. Damn.

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