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Week 38: The Feds Try a Tri, a World Record, and a Ride Under the Tuscan Sun.


Pete Buttigieg finishes the IRONMAN 70.3 Triathlon. A 1.2-mile swim, a 56-mile bike ride, and a 13.1-mile run. 70.3 miles in total. #ironman703

The United States’ Secretary of Transportation got a first-hand look at the dismal Northern Michigan road quality - he finished a half IRONMAN triathlon - 70.3 Michigan - over the weekend.

In this week’s email:

  • Carboloading: Tour Italy by bike & eat all the carbs you want, guilt-free.

  • Product Recs: Stop the chafe now - ofc you can get it on Amazon.

  • Plan your next luxury trip: We’ve got tropical & icy cold options.

  • Zillow Gone Wild: Find your next home obsession in a town that’s way cooler than Boulder.

👇Watch a Cadence-recommended Vid: Ultramarathoning is known to be the only sport where at distances longer than 135 miles, at the same fitness level, women outperform men. #GirlPower.

Funny Post of the Week:

Race Results of the Week: presented by Sportstats.One


The 57.8 second Cycling Mile: On June 30, 1899, Charles M. Murphy, rode on a wooden track behind a Long Island Rail Road train and covered a mile on his bicycle in 57.8 seconds, earning the nickname of Mile-a-Minute Murphy. That was before aerobars, aero helmets and skin-tight cycling kits, making it SO much more impressive.

Zillow Search - “Outdoorsy Town”: Boulder and Flagstaff are the Has-Beens of the ‘Token Outdoor Cities To Move To.” Check out THIS list for the most notable small, cute and outdoor-adventure towns to search obsessively on Zillow.

The Little Guys Deserve More: If you’re an athlete that races - you either fall into the camp that the corporate productions are the way to go, or you vehemently seek out those Mom & Pop races. Wherever you fall - support the little guys. We couldn’t do it without ‘em.

Thicc Thighs Save Lives: Chafing got ya’ down, down there? We get it. Biker shorts and leggings get old. Save your thighs & wear those booty shorts with our tried & true Saving Grace.

Treat Yo’ Self: Stop buying Nike Tempo Shorts and your socks from TJ Maxx. Check out some up and coming athletic apparel brands. Support Small Businesses.

🏃Bucket List Recs

Big training week behind ya and want to add something to your bucket list? Need something to kick your butt into high gear? Check out our endurance bucket list recs below and sign up for something you’ll probably regret when you’re doing a 20 mile training run in August in the Midwest.

  • Tuscany Trail: What’s better than eating your way through the Italian Countryside? Doing it bikepacking. The 470m tour takes you through the best small-town Italy has to offer. It’s not a race - so stop and eat every gelato, pasta and sandwich you can find. Buon Appetito!

  • John Muir Trail: The JMT is often overshadowed by his longer through-hike counterparts. Coming in at 219.3 miles long, and passing through the High Sierra mountain range through the Ansel Adams Wilderness, John Muir Wilderness, Sequoia National Park, and King's Canyon National Park, culminating at the highest peak in the continental United States - Mount Whitney.

  • XTERRA Tahiti SwimRun: As if you needed another excuse to start booking your trip to French Polynesia. Crank up your vacation endorphins and knock out a SwimRun before you spend the next 10 days sipping on Mai Tais.

  • An ACTUAL Polar Plunge: Impress your 35 Instagram Followers with an unforgettable pic of you diving into ice-cold Antarctic waters & freezing your ass off.

Performance Of The Week(end)

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