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  • Week 40: Twin Cities Marathon Cancels & BASE Jumping 🪂

Week 40: Twin Cities Marathon Cancels & BASE Jumping 🪂

Originally titled the Mayor Daley Marathon after the Chicago Mayor, the first ever Chicago Marathon took place on Sept. 25, 1977 at 8 a.m. In order to compete, runners had to pay a mere $5 entry fee.

Climate change is probably the last thing you want to read about in an endurance newsletter. We probably would never utter the words, but with record temps in the Twin Cities, causing a cancellation (the first in the Race’s history, with the exception of COVID) two hours before race start. A new form of bandits took to the streets and ran the would-be 26.2 mile course - without medals, police presence, or road closures. Would you?

In this week’s email:

  • Swimming with 🦈 : Tackle a frigid prison swim in CA.

  • Chicago Marathon: Track your runner, or that guy you love to hate on Strava, in this Sunday’s Marathon Major.

  • Extreme Ladders: If 2000 feet drops, iron rung ladders and sketchy trails are your love language, head to Switzerland for a lil’ fun.

  • Hardest job in multisport: Lifeguarding is an extreme sport in it’s own right when it comes to keeping people safe in open bodies of water.

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Tweet of the Week: Rogue Twin Cities Runners

Race Results of the Week: presented by Sportstats.One


Escape from Alcatraz: If marathon swimming has your attention, or you’re a triathlete that excels at the discipline that everyone loves to hate (the swim - obviously), you probably know about the Swim From Alcatraz; a 2-mile swim through the frigid waters of the San Francisco Bay. But why is it a thing to swim from an abandoned high-security prison (on an island) to a Yacht Club? Legend has it; many a prisoner have attempted a watery escape, inspiring the swim. None of the prisoners were successful in their swim - so take that how you want.

Science is Power: Elite female endurance athletes are at a higher risk for AFib. But…isn’t cardio good for - well - your cardiac health?

Zero Dark Thirty: Gone are the 6 AM runs/rides that are light. For those of you burning the midnight oil and running after work, or the early birds in the crowd, be sure that you’re wearing reflective gear. Every year, 35000+ runners are injured by vehicles.

Newest Extreme Sport: Daniel Regan has taken mountain biking, and probably my biggest fear - base-jumping, and combined them into the newest sport. Recently, he won $1000 for a Base Jump that he launched from a mountain bike. You couldn’t PAY me $1000 to attempt that. Follow his insane jumps and rides HERE.

Just Keep Showing Up: Gary’s on a personal quest to run 100 marathons in his lifetime. With the count now at 69, and having checked all 7 continents, he’s well on his way. Take that as some motivation to get your ass out the door.

🏃Bucket List Recs

Big training week behind ya and want to add something to your bucket list? Need something to kick your butt into high gear? Check out our endurance bucket list recs below and sign up for something you’ll probably regret when you’re doing a 20 mile training run in August in the Midwest.

  • Stairway To Heaven: Or Hell if you’re afraid of heights and instability. Via Ferrata routes are extremely popular in Europe and is a mix between rock climbing and hiking; all self-supported. Add the World’s Most Dangerous Ladder to your list.

  • Icelandic Marathon: Not sure on what ‘Icelandic’ food is, but we can promise wicked cool views and a trip of a lifetime.

  • The Manitou Incline: IYKYK with this one. A Colorado Springs endurance staple, the Manitou Incline is probably the hardest 4 miles you’ll ever tackle - with 2000 ft elevation gain, she’s a doozy.

Performance Of The Week(end) - a win with a 1 foot unclipped!

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